Swordfish Hostel

Hostel Surf Camp Peniche - Portugal

About us


Swordfish Hostel is a modern hostel with decoration Upcycling, so “Upcycling starts with us”. is situated in the Heart of the City. On a nice place where you can see the beauty of the city, you can relax, or can carry out activities that the Swordfish hostel has to offer: surf, trip to berlenga Island, sailboat Ride and more offers.

The decoration of the Swordfish Hostel is made of upcycling. The Upcycling is the process of converting waste materials or useless products into new materials or products of better quality or for better environmental value. You can enjoy the tv and internet Wi-fi.

Swordfish Hostel has the capacity for 12 people, include fully equipped kitchen, lounge with TV and Wi-Fi Internet, two garden-terrace perfect for socializing, to relax and 2 Shared rooms and 2 double rooms and two toilets.

Hostel is situated in the Peniche Centre, near the supermarkets, Phamarcy, Banks, and near the boarding pier to the Berlengas Island. We are also close to activities the restaurants, bars and nightlife,

Our central location makes it easy to access to the beach or make a trip around the coast.


Phone: (+351)960072957/
E-mail: info@swordfishostel.com
Adress: Rua Salvador Franco nº 40, Peniche – Portugal ( Location)